Designed Healthy Living is on mission sharing the gift of health along with the treasures of wisdom and knowledge to understand what the Bible says about healthy living.

Changing lives - one meal at a time! Annette Reeder, a Tour Guide to Biblical Health, uses her combined insight and expertise to help everyone get a fresh taste and sense of renewal as they discover God's goodness.  

No matter where I go, I will definitely let peeps know about Treasures Of Healthy Living Bible Study, Nutrition Manual and Healthy Treasures Cookbook!  It has blessed me so much and I love how Annette uses the Word of God to give guidelines and not just following some fad diets".


Meet Author & Teacher Annette Reeder


This is a journey I have traveled for over 50 years. Join me as I lead you to avoid the traps of counterfeit information and into the treasures of God’s gift of true health.  

My journey started with the resolve that I will be forever fat!  I had almost given up on being lean and healthy.  Read More

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3 Practical  - Simple - Easy to Follow 
Did I say easy? Steps to know which foods are  good and which ones are -----not so good.   Learn More>>
See how many of these ways you are already tracking with success. Then learn which ones you can begin today.  We truly are 10 steps away from discovering vitalizing health.  Read More>>
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